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Dirty! Who me?

Jasmine Deadmon

Posted on September 30 2018

Dirty! Who me?
Dirty never felt so clean! I had the pleasure of witnessing the greatness that is Janelle Monáe this summer when I attended her AMAZING "Dirty Computer Tour" in San Diego! Everything about her concert was black girl magic to the tenth power! From the band, to the wardrobe, to the bad a** dancers! I felt all the LOVE that Janelle pours into her fans by blessing us with such an unique and love filled experience! 
That's why it's such an honor that after 3 years my hometown hero continues to travel around the world dancing in singing in her special made signature black and white earrings made by JXL! If you ever get the chance to attend one of her amazing shows or get to meet her in person, tell her Jasmine says hello and look at her ears real close cuz they might be POPPIN!
Photographed: by the talented Derrel R. Todd        Ears Poppin: by JXL